Food Insecurity on the Rise

Food insecurity in the Louisville area is increasing rapidly as reported by Feeding America in their annual Map the Meal Gap study. The study shows that 167,950 Kentuckiana residents (nearly 13% of the region’s population) were food insecure in 2022, which is a 33.2% increase over 2021.

Click here to see the news story that features Shane Schlatter, Exodus’ executive director.

The volunteers who help distribute food boxes have definitely seen an increase in families needing support from the pantry. Last year, Exodus fed around 700 people a month; this year, the organization is feeding closer to 1,600 each month. One in eight people in the area and one in five children do not know where their next meal will come from – many believe it is because the sharp rise in the cost of food, yet stagnant salaries. People are having to stretch their money much further these days, and food is on the chopping block along with other necessary living expenses.

To help us meet this growing need, please consider conducting a canned food drive at your business, school, church, or other organization. Or, make a cash donation to Exodus here. We, and the people we serve, appreciate your support!



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