The Exodus Family Ministries’ Board provides strategic planning, oversees the ministry’s operations, and ensures financial compliance. Each board member is familiar with the geographic area served and brings experience in business, public service, community, or management. All 990s are available for public review for accountability and transparency.

Decisions must be handled through a board vote. Board meetings take place every month unless needed sooner.

Board Chairman, Dayrl Koppel

Through exceptional management and good decision making, I’ve been in business for more than 40 years.  This is an area that I live in, work in and love so I am thankful to be a part of this organization with others who care.  

Secretary/Treasurer, Julie Halbert, CPA

Local CPA and a graduate of Spalding University.  Julie is the treasurer of the ministry and has a passion for mentoring young people to find the best possible life path.

Board Member, Bruce Bryant

Bruce has been a computer programmer for over 20 years and brings IT knowledge as well as organization skills tohis role. Bruce is also the president of the board for the Highland Park Community Development Corporation that worked in partnership with Exodus Family Ministries when we offered tutoring. He deeply cares for those in the community and is using this position as a way to give back.

Board Member, Eddie Squires

Eddie is passionate about advocating for seniors and veterans, and helps families navigate their way through the difficult times caring for their loved ones. A successful entrepreneur, he has served on multiple boards as an advisor. Eddie founded a collegiate apparel and gift company immediately out of college and has helped senior citizens with non-medical healthcare since 2011. 

Board Member, Aaron Troutman

Aaron is the Community Engagement Pastor at the Southwest Campus of Southeast Christian Church and has been in vocational ministry since 2016. He is honored to be part of what Exodus Family Ministries is doing in the Southwest Louisville community.

Ex-Officio Board Member, Tim Vincent
(Immediate Past Chairman)

For years, Tim managed and ran his own company. He was instrumental in restructuring Southwest Family Ministries into Exodus Family Ministries and making it the organization it is todayHe has lived in the area his entire life and wants to see the community and its residents thrive.