It is our goal to encourage and support our neighbors in the Southwest Louisville area. A healthy, stable, and vibrant community begins with stability in health, housing, and employment. Our faith moves us to offer the services we do, but we do not require clients or volunteers to belong to a certain church or practice a specific religion.

Current Programs:

1. Food and Nutrition

Food Pantry


Our food pantry meets the needs of about 1,000 people in the community each month through the distribution of food boxes. Although the bulk of our food boxes are distributed during the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, families with immediate needs can call for food boxes outside of these days. For those who are more vulnerable in our community, we do offer limited deliveries. During our community distribution days, families have access to food, prayer, and flyers for additional resources.

In 2023, we are partnering with Dare to Care to offer the Commodity Supplemental Food Program for qualifying senior citizens. This is a USDA program. Click for the fact sheet for this program.

Food distribution is made possible thanks to partnerships with Kentucky Harvest and Dare to Care, food and cash donations from people like you, and the support of our volunteers.


The food distribution days are the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from 11am to 1pm. Details for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program for seniors will be announced soon.


All food is distributed from our food pantry at 6501 Bethany Lane, Louisville, KY 40272.

Holiday Boxes


Each year, Exodus Family Ministry provides holiday meal boxes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The meal boxes include a ham or turkey and sides for a family to enjoy a holiday meal together.

Exodus Ministries delivered over 100 meals to families for each holiday in 2022.

2. Clothing Closet


The clothing closet collects gently used clothing for the current season from organizations and individual donors. The clothing is then sorted and prepared for the community. Items such as cleaning supplies, diapers, and formula are taken in to help struggling parents. During the winter, additional items such as tents, sternos, gloves, hats, coats, blankets, and handwarmers are collected to distribute to the homeless camps within our community. Our volunteers also assemble clothing request packages for families, children, and other nonprofit organizations in our city.


Clothing is available for clients on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 11am to 1pm. If necessary, appointments may be made to review clothing on additional days.


Clothing is donated, sorted, and displayed at our food pantry located at 6501 Bethany Lane, Louisville, KY 40272.


Client Impact:

To the wonderful people of Exodus, I want to say thank you. My daughter and I survived a violent crime at our home in the middle of the night, after which our lives took a bad turn. We were scared, traumatized, and feeling hopeless. I couldn’t work and we were getting low on food. I was told about Exodus… to call them and see if they could help us. Not only did they bring us food, they prayed with me. I felt comforted. I couldn’t have made it this far without the help and support of Exodus. They saw us through a dark time, and we will be forever grateful. Thank you all for everything you do. KMF (heart emoji)

Partner Impact

Exodus Family Ministries is a fantastic partner agency of Dare to Care. Last winter, Louisville was hit by a massive ice storm. I received a call desperate from a mother-daughter duo, aged 82 and 62. Their needs were numerous and extreme. Their home had lost power due to ice and they had lost all the food in their refrigerator/freezer. Their home was so cold it was impacting their health and wellness. I was able to contact a few different partner agencies who delivered food and blankets immediately, despite the harsh weather and road conditions. Shane and the Exodus Family team were one group that went. I later found out that they were able to get an HVAC professional to come assess the damaged system. It needed total replacement. They then found a donor (over the weekend!) to purchase a $3,500 unit and had it installed the following Monday. Exodus Family Ministries saw a problem, empathized for this family, and used their power to protect this family from serious peril to ensure their safety in the future. Exodus Family Ministries is whom I would call for help if my own family was in need.