A Safe Environment

Every child deserves a safe, secure environment to study, play, and grow. We take extra care to do everything we can to make that a reality. Every member of our staff has undergone a thorough background check. Our floorplan is open and inviting, to keep every child in sight at all times. Our outdoor play areas are securely enclosed. When children are enrolled, their parent or guardian must provide a list of up to 3 people authorized to pick the child or children up from the program. Photo ids of each, and identification cards (license or other government issued photo ID) will be required for our files, and for showing to staff before a child is released. If this is not provided, the central contact will be immediately contacted by the phone number provided at enrollment.

Background Check

Since we are dealing with children, we want to be especially transparent with the steps we take to protect them, and ensure that any staff members have been thoroughly vetted. Every staff member and teacher must go through a background check which includes a National Criminal and Offender Report.

Our National Criminal Background Check and Sex Offender Check is a comprehensive criminal check showing felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and more at the state and county level. We also include results from OFAC, OIG, and terrorist watchlists.

If you need additional information, here is a link that shows the criminal database coverage.